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Golf was introduced to me by my uncle in my late teens, but it really bit me while serving 20 years active duty in the United States Air Force. Like most, I fell in love, golf quickly became my passion. I was on a quest to learn more and get better and build my golf swing. While being in the Air Force it presented me many opportunities to travel and play great courses around the world. Being assigned to Hill AFB and playing for the AFMC teams I met Jared Shears of Jared Shears Golf.  Within 2 years of hard work and practice I soon found myself becoming a scratch golfer competing in many amateur events throughout the state. Upon retiring for the Air Force I was able to dedicate more time towards golf, which led to me winning our Senior Club Championship at Schneiters Bluff Golf Course. Being passionate about the game I always wanted to help other golfers improve. After being told I have a way of explaining the complexities of the golf swing in a simple articulate manner I was offered the opportunity to instruct at Schneiters Bluff Golf Course. Through intense preparation and realistic goal-setting, I motivate, inspire, and develop my athletes into successful golfers, at the same time making it fun.

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