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About me

My name is Tom Clark

Tom Clark Golf Instructor
Tom Clark driver impact

I've been playing golf for over 40 years. I've worked with many great instructors along the way learning the golf swing. My love for the game has turned into a passion of sharing. I've always shared my knowledge for the game, which paved the road for teaching.

    wear marks in irons


    Golf Instructor teaching at Schneiters Bluff Golf Course

    The Golf Club

    Kristin  (UT)

    If you’re looking to improve your game, I highly recommend Tom Clark. He goes above and beyond to help coach you and make
    you a better golfer. He will take the extra time to explain and show you each step for improving your golf game and give you drills to practice both at home and on the range.

    Jessica  (UT)

    I just finished the ladies
    clinic from their instructor. Tom Clark. It was such a great experience. Tom’s knowledge of the game is tremendous. After I took my lessons, I hit my first hole-in-one.

    Kolby  (UT)

    Tom is very skilled in his craft. After some frustration with my driver, I went to Tom for some help. After one session, getting back to basic fundamentals and better swing mechanics I was able to fix my driver with practice on what he taught me. I am forever at the mercy of this Golf Guru.
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